Forbes Runs Review And Company Profile On Minirigs

The world’s most respected business publication reviews the Minirig 2.1 system and takes a look at the Minirigs story…

Forbes Magazine has taken an in depth look at Minirigs, interviewing the co-founders to find out how a small company from Bristol is taking on the biggest names in the portable speaker market. Forbes also reviewed the Minirigs 2.1. system stating, The sound the Minirigs kicks out is not only solid and sweet; it’s awesome. There’s no other word to describe it. These mini speakers are a breed apart.”

After delving into how the co-founders have managed to build a successful business, the feature comes back round to the products, concluding, “I’m still reeling from the amazing sound quality that these tiny speakers are pumping out on my office floor. Frankly it’s knocking spots off my existing hi-fi and for once I can say I’m blown away.” is in the top 125 websites in the USA and top 40o in the entire world.