NewRetroWave is the leading label and YouTube channel for the synthwave scene. Since day one in 2011, NewRetroWave has championed the retro synth-driven sound and every significant artist in the scene has released on the label at some point. It continues to expand and drive the fast-growing genre’s evolution through a skillful A&R process and now entertains over 1 million loyal followers on YouTube.

The prominent musical hub and online presence of NewRetroWave is where the Retrowave scene is given its due exposure. The Retrowave musical genre is a growing culture that harnesses the sound, drive and sheer passion of the 80’s-90’s. It is one of the most refreshing sounds to hit the music scene and has been long overdue.

Sliding Doors Publicity handles international media campaigns for select single and album releases, including Manchester’s vital darksynth artist, DEADLIFE.


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6th November 2020