Avocado Kids is a monthly subscription box that delivers fun ‘edible education’, teaching kids about food, cooking and healthy eating, as well as how to be kind to each other and the planet.

Kids aged 4 – 12 (or even grown up kids!) follow the adventures of the superfood superhero, the Avocado Kid, as he travels to a different country each month, and become SUPERchefs, learning healthy eating habits which will stay with them for life.

Avocado Kids is the creation of Gabby Delellis, a young chef who grew up on a farm in Sussex and believes that sustainability and locally grown and sourced produce is the cornerstone of healthy living.

With exciting recipes, kindness cards, ‘table topics’ conversation coasters, family date night, kitchen (and life) skills, creative activities, and much more, Avocado Kids entertains kids and brings families together.