New X-mini KAI 2 Capsule Speaker launches


Singapore-based, sound innovation company, Xmi Pte Ltd, embraces ‘lifestyle conferencing’ with a feature-packed, new and improved addition to its multiple award-winning X-mini Capsule Speakers range.

The X-mini KAI 2 Capsule Speaker boasts noise cancelling microphone, pocket sized portability, Bluetooth connection (plus wireless dongle function) and Ceramic drivers that seriously deliver on the X-mini promise of ‘Sound Beyond Size’. It will be available in a range of 6 colours; Gunmetal Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Purple and will retail at £39.95 from

The X-mini KAI 2 is designed to cater for mobile conferencing, but not just in a business context. With the rise of Skype, Facetime, Viber and of course mobile, we now connect with friends and family in an ever-evolving, interactive way; X-mini call it ‘lifestyle conferencing’. It’s where for example, friends call each other for a chat while cooking dinner, where we ‘Skype’ to catch up with family around the world, where ‘hands free’ is essential for a safe journey, or where teenagers don’t have to stop talking to their friends, no matter where they are!

The X-mini KAI 2 embraces this modern lifestyle, with its noise-cancelling mic designed to filter background disturbance and improve the quality of your conversations, whether it’s with friends, family or of course, for business.

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Mobile conferencing is also, of course, an integral part of any modern business. The X-mini KAI 2 provides a professional tool for this, with a Bluetooth connection of up to 10 metres, and a 360° of full, high clarity sound, to fill any meeting room. However, add to this, pocket-sized portability, up to 10 hours of playback time, a range of cool colours, and an unbeatable pricepoint (less than half the cost of any of the main, mobile conferencing speakers currently available) and, you have an essential lifestyle accessory for the digital generation.

Xmi Pte Ltd Founder, Ryan Lee adds,

“The way we connect and communicate with each other is changing, and the forward-thinking KAI 2 design features reflect this. Build, performance and user experience remain of utmost importance, and the KAI 2 will retain the iconic, twist and turn design of our Capsule Speaker range, however this is a vastly different product, designed very much with a modern lifestyle in mind.”

The X-mini KAI 2 also pulls away from the competition as a Bluetooth speaker in its own right. The original Capsule Speaker design already delivers an explosive sound performance; however, the introduction of new Ceramic drivers (technology only previously found in larger premium speakers) produces a crisp, clear and cleaner sound, as well as a powerful bass.

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The additional KAI 2 wireless dongle feature delivers yet another useful design element. Plug it into your home stereo, or your headphones, for example, and they also become connected via Bluetooth. Added to this, the Buddy-Jack feature allows you to choose and connect different speakers from the X-mini range to build your own customised Audio Ecosystem; share multiple X-mini speakers to create the exact sound for your needs!

Xmi Pte Ltd are the market leaders in portable audio technology. With the KAI 2 they once again push the boundaries to bring you Sound Beyond Size!