Sliding Doors now working with fresh new talent, Mooji!

Mooji is the eclectic alter-ego of much-lauded techno producer, Kramnik; a new production alias that explores elements of acid-jazz, dub, funk, down-tempo and blues. Trippy, intoxicating, and musically ambitious – this is the new sound of Mooji.

Following the success of Mooji’s debut album ‘Dark Matters’ LIVE Album Mix, he is now taking his sounds back to basics and immersing himself in the city’s artistic vibe, as he works on releasing his new debut album ‘Double Agent’ this year!

‘Double Agent’ began to take shape with Mooji proving both ambition and versatility, introducing vocals by dub and blues legends, as well as live session musicians on the likes of guitar, harmonica and trumpet, with Mooji himself stepping up on drums! The result is a more organic and earthy sound, masterfully bridging the gap between electronic production and live musical virtuosity.