WallArt 3D tiles give walls a new dimension


WallArt is a stylish, eco-friendly 3D wall decoration that brings new standards to interior design. The embossed wall tiles – made from the fibrous residue of sugarcane – come in 20-eye catching designs to deliver a high quality finish and create a long lasting impression. WallArt can breathe new life into any domestic or commercial interior and it’s now available to buy in the UK from www.mywallart.co.uk

The multidimensional tiles are made from bagasse, the fibrous residue of sugarcane stalks, making them some of the most sustainable wall coverings around. This natural material is 100% recycled and compostable and therefore 100% degradable, but remains strong enough to handle the general knocks that life will throw at it.

With a variety of chic designs to choose from, WallArt suits a range of styles and spaces. Once installed, the tiles can be painted or lit up with LEDs allowing further customisation to compliment any colour scheme. From completely covered wall installations to just a few tiles as an ‘accent’, any room or interior can be given an entirely different look.

Since the introduction of WallArt to European markets in 2010, they’ve been featured in offices, boardrooms and homes across the globe, on the TV sets of Project Runway and The Voice; in high end restaurants and hotels, and designer clothes stores like Hugo Boss and G-star.

WallArt tiles (measuring 50cm x 50cm each) can be purchased in packs of 12 to cover a space of 3 square metres. At £78 per pack, WallArt is competitively priced against similar products but it excels in tile thickness and delivers a more superior finish overall.

Wall décor has been popular since the beginning of time. It has advanced from etchings of everyday life on cave walls to painted murals, mosaics, tiles and gaudy 1970s flurries of floral. The early 21st century left walls fairly unadorned, but recently wall décor is back with a bang. Texture, pattern, bright or white – people are making a style statement on their walls once again and WallArt is leading the way.